Boudoir Photography has become very popular among women in the recent years. Boudoir photography refers to images that have themes of romance, sensuality, and flirtation, but are always tasteful!
Boudoir Photography is confidence boost, nice gift for him and a day of flattering for you. What girl wouldn’t love that.
Our Boudoir sessions are fun, relaxed and comfortable. Our goal is to make your intimate portraits look great. Feel free to play your favorite music, have a glass of wine, and just have FUN, FUN, FUN!!
I want you to call or email me with any questions that you might have. You and I will work together to ensure that this is the best shoot it can possibly be.  I want you as comfortable as possible to make sure you get that perfect sexy pose that fits your body and personality. 
Still a little nervous? Read our FAQ's below!
What's included:
* 2 hours of coverage at the location of your choice or in a private studio or venue
* A Custom 8x10 Leather Bound Lay-Flat Book! (Perfect Gift for YOU or HIM!)
*A minimum of 20 High-Resolution and Carefully edited photos on
* A disk with all your personal high resolution photos with a print release made only for you.
*As many outfit changes as you like! 
*Great guidance for your poses! Don't worry, I'm bossy!
*A private Password Protected Personal Gallery to view all of your photos!
Prints may be bought at extra cost!
*Session fee due at booking. The rest of the shooting cost will be due on or before the day of the shoot
* A Makeup & Hair Artist can be present (separate fee)
Q: Where will the Boudoir session take place?
A: The Boudoir shooting can take place in the privacy of your own home or at our studio. We can also provide a portable studio to set up at your home for an additional fee.

Q: How many people will be present for my Boudoir shoot?
A: Your privacy is important to us. The only people present at the shoot are your photographer and her female assistant.A Make-up artist is not included, but can be requested for an additional fee.

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Yes you may bring a friend, if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Q: I’m shy and very body conscious - Is Boudoir really for me?
A: Yes it’s for women of all shapes and sizes. We make sure you feel comfortable at our boudoir sessions. By the end of the shoot you will be happy you decided to shoot with us. Its like a girls night out :-)

Q: How old are most of your Boudoir clients?
A: Our clients come in all ages! They are any where between 18-80 years of age. However, we do not (under any circumstance) shoot boudoir, intimate, female body photographs with anyone under 18 years of age!

Q: Do you retouch the images?
A: Yes! We retouch the images that have been shot. Every one of your pictures will be high resolution and professionally edited.

Q: Will you use my images on the Internet or in any advertising?
A: Definitely NOT! Unless you give us written permission to do so, we will not.

Q: I am camera shy and don’t really know how to pose....
A: No problem we help you pose and guide you all the way throughout your boudoir session. (I'm bossy like that!)

Q: Can I do my own hair and make-up? 
A: Of course! We want you to look as natural as possible, while being super sexy! We understand that some people are very picky about their make-up but our partner make-up artists are very professional and know how to bring out your best features, if you need a little help.

Q: What should I bring to my boudoir shooting?
A: We ask that you bring a minimum of 6-8 outfits to choose from. Our sessions average about 3 different outfit changes. Having a couple of extra outfits gives us more variety. Bring a couple of different bra and panty sets, maybe a corset set, a teddy or camisole also works great. Your boyfriend’s shirt or your wedding veil. We also have a few outfits that we can provide at no extra cost. Just make sure to use your own underwear.

Q: Do I need to bring accessories?
A: Yes, accessories are always great for boudoir. Bring shoes, hats, feather scarf, jewelry, stockings or whatever your heart desires. Try to have your accessories match your outfits.

Q: Do we meet before the session?
A: No we do not meet beforehand. We will have a phone consultation before the shooting date to go over all the details. If you would like to meet in person, that's also great as well!

Q: How long does it take to get the finished product?
A: It will take up to 2 weeks for photos to be retouched and disk mailed.

Other information: It is extremely important that you wear loose clothing on your way to and upon arriving at your shooting. Also no tight jewelry or watches that could leave marks. This is to avoid any marks on your skin when shooting. Also please come with clean hair, nails and face. Please arrive on time so that we ample time to prepare and choose the best outfits. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure before the shoot since your hands and feet will be in a lot of the boudoir portraits.