First....pick out your Favorite Photos!

To create a Favorites list or add photos to a Favorites list, navigate to the gallery in the photographer's site that contains the desired images.

Hover the mouse pointer over the image or the thumbnail of the image.  If you see a heart shaped icon in one of the top corners, click on it to add the photo to a Favorites List.

Add to Favorites Heart

You can add multiple photos to a Favorites List at once by using the Select Photos button in the Thumbnails View of the gallery.

  1. In the Thumbnails View of the gallery, click on the Select Photos Button.
  2. Move your mouse over the bottom-left corner of a photo thumbnail and click on the black circle that appears. A check mark will be added. 
    Repeat this action with each favorite photo thumbnail until you have selected all desired photos
  3. Or click All if you wish to select all the photos in the gallery.
  4. Click the Add to Favorites button.

Add to Faves Select Button


You can also create or add photos to a Favorites list through the Photo Page view.

In the Photo Page view, right click on the image then choose Add to Favorites in the menu that appears or click Add to Favorites in the Photo Toolbar above the image.

Save to Faves Photo Page

Again these options will depend on the way the photographer has customized their site and so not all options may be available.

If a Favorite list has already been created, the option will be provided to continue to add to that set, or make a new set.
A Favorites list will be created based on your choices and a link to the Favorites List will be visible at the top left hand corner of the screen.

Favorites Lists in page corner


Send them to me!!!

Sharing a Set with the Photographer

Once a Favorites List is created, the list is automatically accessible to the photographer.  However the option is provided to Share the list with the photographer.  Sharing a Favorites List allows the client to communicate a message to the photographer about the photos in the list.

When the list is shared with the photographer, the photographer will receive a notification about the newly shared list.

Photographers will be able to view Shared Favorites list and will have access to editing the lists.

Any changes made to the list by the client or the photographer is automatically reflected when the other party views the list.  So for example, if the client adds or removes photos from the list, when the photographers views the same list, the same photos will have also been added or deleted.  Because of this, it is not necessary to re-share a Favorites list that has already been shared. 

To share a Favorites list with the photographer, click on the name of your set in the top left corner of the site.  This will open the Favorites list.

  1. Click the Share Favorites button at the top of the page. A pop-up window will appear.
  2. In the Share to Photographer tab, edit the title of the Favorites List.
  3. Enter a the message to the photographer in the field provided.
  4. Click Share. 

Share Favorites List with Photographer