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How to make your engagement shoot Perfect!

April 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

After searching what seems like hundreds of Pinterest photos and Google images, you still seem to find yourself  wondering, "how will I make my engagement shoot look like that?" My best advise is to breath, relax and realize that you might not be able too.

Your engagement shoot is exactly what it is - YOUR ENGAGEMENT SHOOT!  It's not the couple you saw or the sweetest pose you took a screen shot of, it's a picture of the LOVE  between you and your fiance!

We can always pull inspiration from those picture perfect poses, but at the end of the day, we're making our own unique Pinterest ready photos. Your photos should reflect the way you two feel about each other. Honestly, the "awkward stare" might just make you burst into laughter!

To help you ease your worries, here are some tips I think might help put together your perfect engagement shoot:


1. Know your time limit. If you only have 1-2 hours, you might not be able to change your outfit 10 different times or adjust different hair styles. Come prepared with your selected outfits and makeup shoot ready.

2. Wear appropriate clothing. If you are doing your engagement shoot outdoors, 6 inch heels might not make the best hiking shoes. Carry an extra pair of shoes to walk in then change into those picture perfect shoes. If its warm or chilly outside, bring a jacket or be prepared to shed some clothing.

3. Always bring an extra shirt or outfit. Murphy's Law always is a threat. Just in case makeup or some unseen stain is on your engagement outfit, have a backup. If you plan to change outfits, make sure there is a place that you can comfortably change clothes.

4. Make sure your photographer knows your engagement vision (and is capable of handling it). Share with your photographer what theme you might have in mind or even a location or type of location. Your photographer probably will be able to suggest some possible locations or even know of some places that fit perfectly into exactly what you are looking for. Don't just go with the flow. If you want a more Urban, Downtown theme, let them know. If you are looking for a more rustic feel, share those ideas with them. Your photographer wants as much of your vision as you can give them.

5. Know your "inspiration" limits. Getting inspiration from our favorite movies like The Notebook, Chocolate, etc. is awesome, but can sometimes be impossible to duplicate. With our closest beach being a good 7 hours away, we might not be able to get that beach scene. New York City Lights and feel are super gorgeous, but pretty non-existent in Arkansas. You can always get great ideas and poses from those movies, but just keep in the back of your mind that they may not come out just like the movie.

6. RELAX! Just be yourself and your engagement pictures will come out just as you like. Your photographer will help you with poses, but just relax and love all over your fiance. Your engagement pictures are meant to reflect how much you two mean to each other. Smile, laugh, and love and your engagement pictures will be personalized and PERFECT just for you!


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