VCH Photography | Vanessa and Hugo's San Antonio Wedding at the DoSeum and Hotel Havana

Vanessa and Hugo's San Antonio Wedding at the DoSeum and Hotel Havana

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Vanessa & Hugo

When I first met Vanessa, I knew she was above AWESOME! Not only did we have the same name (which is the best thing in the world), but her vibe was just so laid back. I just knew her wedding day was going one to go down in history as the GREATEST!

The engagement shoot was so much fun! When Vanessa suggest the Strawberry Festival in Poteet, Texas, I was all for it! With just moving here, I was up to going to something so cool to be named a Strawberry Festival!

It was when I got to meet her hubby Hugo that I knew were going to have a blast! His sense of humor had me cracking up all day and the way Vanessa and Hugo were up for just about anything, I had no problem with everything she even though would be cool to try to get a photo of!

So, after breaking the ice by, well, let's just say they yelled in unison, scared a couple of kids and we all died laughing! After that, it was a go! Even if it was weird carnival clowns staring at us, it didn’t block how in love they were. It was just natural for them, and I just “encouraged”! I can say that Hugo was ready to protect Vanessa from that clown….

When Vanessa said “wouldn’t it be cool to try to take some photos on a Merry-Go-Round”, I did what any good person would. I blocked out a few kids, rearranged people, and made sure they got the “good” carnival horses! When it comes to photos as fantastic as that, I have no problem “moving” a few people (kids) out of the way or maybe even blocking the entrance….

The Ferris Wheel is when it got really good! The wind was blowing so hard that we couldn’t see, we rocked as if we might not make it the full circle from the top, so despite the fear of death and us yelling at each other to hear, I just told Hugo to love on Vanessa. That’s exactly what he did.

That’s exactly what that’s my favorite photo!

Then we get to the wedding!

When I arrived at Hotel Havana to capture the girls getting ready, everyone was just so chill. Everyone was just so close, I couldn’t tell who was related, her sister or anything! Her mother though! Let's just say she’s “Life Goals”! She was gorgeous even in her robe and was more than happy to show me Vanessa’s wedding dress! (Which is something I’ve never seen before! A 2 piece!) Her sister showed everyone a new way to put on mascara and their mom was definitely there each step of the way!

The guys on  the other hand, all I can say is “boys will be boys!”

The Ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Held at St Patrick's Catholic Church, it was filled with tears of happiness. We wanted to make sure we got all her detailed moments, so as I slid on the floor (literally on my belly), Lee hid in a corner to the point where no one knew he was there with his long lens. We’re creepy like that.

After the ceremony, I knew we only had about 15 minutes to take photos, so we were ready! I knew how important those family shots were to not only Vanessa and Hugo but to their families too so there was no way they wouldn’t get those. Now, being from Louisiana (which has a ton of Catholic churches especially in the southern Parishes), we weren’t unfamiliar with Catholic Ceremonies. I just forgot that I tend to talk loud. Call it a deep south thing, but I’m working on it. All I can say is that everyone heard me and we were out of there in 12 minutes with a variety of family photos!

Then Vanessa & Hugo threw something at me…….and I LOVED IT!

Right before the reception started, we ran all over the Doseum! Yes, Hugo was attacked by an Octopus and had to be saved by Vanessa. Yes, they were being sucked up in fear (Willy Wonka-the older version) and Hugo had to keep her from floating to far up. Yes, they were being blown away in a space shuttle. Yes, Vanessa did shop for Hugo at H.E.B.


Lee followed the guys (which turned out pretty good!) as they crammed into a spaceship thing! If only they could keep a straight face…

All in all, romance happened, one of the best Mariachi bands, I’ve ever heard, Mariachi Campanas de America serenaded, tears shed, her father showing how proud he was to pass down something that had been in the family for so long to Vanessa, and the awesome dance moves I learned from her sister and mother (Mom can get down!), this is one of the most epic and greatest weddings we’ve ever seen!

So we have to give a big hug and a huge “Thank You” to Vanessa & Hugo for allowing us to hang out with them during the engagement shoot, be there for their wedding and even witness a family moment so big that it had us in tears!

We know the future holds awesome things for Vanessa & Hugo!




Getting Ready Location

Hotel Havana, 1015 Navarro St, San Antonio, TX 78205


Ceremony Location

St Patrick's Catholic Church, 1114 Willow St, San Antonio, TX 78208


Cocktail/Reception Location

The DoSeum, 2800 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209


Wedding Planner Email


Make-up Artist(s) & Salon/Company Affiliated With

Meg Grohman, Kloak (Make-Up)



Roberts Flower Shop


Gerry Olert



Stone Oak limousine


Catering Company

Spice of Life Catering



The Exclusive Cake Shop


Lucy's (2 cakes)


DJ or Band

Mariachi Campanas de America



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