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Questions & Answers You Might Want to Know

(but we just want to tell you anyway!)

So, just in case you had any questions (and never be afraid to ask), here are some questions and answers….just in case you were thinking about it!


So who or what is VCH Photography?


The “About Us” part! (The Good Stuff you really want to know is a little farther down, don't feel bad scrolling!)


VCH Photography is made up of 2 awesomely competitive full-time photographers who absolutely REFUSE to work together!

You could call a company with people like this “husband and wife” craziness, but you can just call us Lee and Vhanessa.

About 100 years ago (or so it seems), I decided to pick that camera back up, (truthfully went and upgraded) and started shooting Weddings again. (That’s all we do!) Lee ended up being (against his will) my second shooter and after being dragged to classes, conventions, and him stealing my lenses, he's part of the company. Now, in his opinion which is wrong, he's “better than me”, so that’s when our competition comes into play. Yes, once we get crazy competitive mode mixed with "country southern" tendencies, we're just about climbing trees to get the best shot to out do each other. (I know, I'm hanging my head in shame now)

If you ever see us at a Bridal Show, the worst thing to ask is “who shot this?” That’s when we have to go into detail explaining that who’s the best photographer….and that’s just one of the reasons we don’t work together, but oh when we do get together on a wedding,and we will here and there (or I don't want to drive), we can’t ever agree on who’s in charge, once again start competing (didn't I say he'd go into the middle of a busy street?) and telepathically insult each other as evil glances are thrown. Don't worry though, we've never actually fought at a wedding, well....yeah....we will fight over that perfect angle while you're with your hubby. I did say he'll stand in the middle of the street right?

Please don’t worry about you having extra photographers you’d need for your Wedding Day. We work with an awesome team of shooters and videographers, so we’ll always make sure you’re taken care of!


You did want to know how we shoot?

(We’ll tell you anyway)

We’re originally from what people would call the “country, so we’re used to climbing on things and sometimes into things. Me (Vhanessa) attempting to ninja-style crawl on the floor to catch the wedding party coming down the aisle, and the husband (Lee) will disappear behind pretty much anything and catch those super emotional moments with his favorite "stalker lens". We believe that we’re not supposed to be seen during any type of ceremony, but after sweating from adjust your dress (only if you want me too, but I know all the secrets to the coke bottle shape!), helping your fiancé or his groomsmen fix ties, and do what I call “Photographer Yoga”, I’ve totally sweated my left eyebrow off and Lee’s dress shirt (which is supposed to be sweat and wrinkle free) might have a little sweat stain. With this, we’ll do our best to make sure we’re not in anyone’s camera photos, social media, or especially your wedding photos that your family is taking.

 With my family originally from the "Swamp" of Louisiana and his stretching all over Arkansas, not only are we smothered in different traditions depending on where we are, but we're pretty familiar with just about every type of wedding and Religious Denomination. (Southern Lousiana has a pretty good population of Catholic communities and "don't even ask" communities and the Bible belt has pretty much everything you could think of.) 

We've done "Over the Top" diamonds and bling weddings"Barn or Attempted Rustic" Weddings, not like what you're thinking of as "rustic" in Barn/Rustic venues, but more like, "no air while suffocating and dying" in an actual Barn that the farm animals were just moved out of, Cult weddings (don't ask...), Incredibly Traditional Weddings, Super-Crazy "we're making this up as we go" Weddings, Plain-Crazy Weddings, "My DIY is AWESOME" Weddings, "My DIY didn't work" weddings, Long weddings, short weddings, wouldn't believe it if we told you! 




We love mom, aunts, and grandma, so we’ll welcome anyone’s input, but at the end of it all, it’s what you want hands down. We’ll send you a checklist of the specific photos YOU want. I’ve even locked people in bathrooms before on a bride’s request, but I’ll deny it later. I will stalk your Pinterest Board with no shame to see what’s important to you! (Don’t think I won’t be excited if you send me a sneak peek of your dress…hint…hint…)

If there is a photo that you really want that you forgot to put on the list, or it just came to you, all you do is get our attention and we’re there with our lens in your face. If it’s a bigger wedding, just wave to get our attention and we’re ready!

As much as I’d love to talk to uncle Bob about the inner workings of the camera, we’re there to stalk you with a lens all day. We know that your friends and family are going to take their own photos of you, which is completely fine, so we’ll just join right on with them. All I ask is that they watch the flash on some of those cameras and the new camera phones! That’s one of the reasons we take so many of the exact same shots!

Disclaimer: Just because you don’t see us, doesn’t mean we don’t see you! This is how we get your Candid photos: Stalker Lenses. Yes, we'll slide into a place and zoom in on what's happening. (We once caught a Pastor chugging a beer right after the ceremony. This is why you get your to see your photos in a personalized gallery!)

Now, if someone buys Grandma the newest 40-inch IPAD and doesn’t teach her how to work it, so she’s standing the entire time in the middle of the aisle cursing and praying for herself cursing because she can’t figure it out, we’ll just work around her. Unfortunately, we can’t take time from your wedding to teach her, so we’ll just recruit one of your cousins to do it!


This is the one picture that you HAVE TO HAVE!

We believe in the importance of family, so one picture we always try to get is what we call

The 3 Generation”.

That’s when we make sure you have a picture of you, mom, and grandma. Your hubby has to have a picture of him, his father, and his grandfather. This is one of those photos that may not seem important at the time, but years when you have your own children, they’ll be able to look back at that single photo and see the lineage of where they come from. That’s just the way it is. Family is everything to us and we know your family is just as important to you.


Want to know how we communicate?

We’ll also “spam” you right up until your Wedding Day! We want to make sure that your vision is captured as closely as possible. Warning, I can be overly friendly and talk you to death about all your wedding details!


Did you ask how we shoot weddings?

Well, honestly, everyone is different and over the years we’ve never seen two people alike and no two people who love each other like another couple. After we’ve gotten the checklist, scoped the wedding venue and harassed the coordinator, we’ll be ready for your wedding that you all planned unique to you.

We’ll get those traditional family photos and loving poses that we know you’ve been looking at on Pinterest, (even the “awkward stare”) but remember that we’re camera stalkers! We catch those moments that you didn’t see or might not even remember happened! Don't be surprised if you end up with a picture or two of the ring bearer picking his nose, the angry face of the flower girl when discovers she can't run in her pretty little shoes, or Grandma dancing better than the wedding party!


Wondering if the RAW Photos are released?


Asking for RAW photos is like asking for a fully loaded cheeseburger but getting handed raw hamburger meat and a head of lettuce. Don't worry though, you will definitely end up with more pictures than you could imagine and every memory will be in your hands edited and in high resolution. 


You did Ask How to Book Your Wedding Day Right?

We’ll send you everything you need to book your Wedding Day via email including a Wedding Photo Checklist tell us all the photos you’d like taken (even though we’re gonna catch you with super candid photos), a form for all the people who’ll be in your wedding that you love the most, a contract outlining everything that not only protects you but also lets you know what to expect from us. You’ll even be able to pay your deposit online as well and keep up with everything for your wedding photography.

We'll also discuss everything you want for your Wedding Ceremony, Reception, Bridal Shoot and Engagement shoot and I’ll email you a ton of questionnaires (on top of Stalking your Pinterest), so I’ll have a really good idea of what you’re going to do.


Now, I’ve been electrocuted backing into an electric fence keeping cows in, fallen out of moving Trolleys, baby crawled to the edge of cliffs (I’m afraid of heights) and most recently, climbed into an animal exhibit to do engagement photos. My wonderful business partner A.K.A the husband, decided that it was a perfect time for his camera to “become unusable” when he saw the reptile pit and how they picked up a gigantic snake. That’s why I think I’m more awesome! (Don’t tell him that I said that though!) But OMG! GOD KNOW HOW AWESOME THEIR WEDDING WAS!


No worries! We’re pretty chill and not afraid of too much, but death is something we try to avoid at all costs.

Lee is known to stand in the middle of heavy traffic streets to get that perfect shot, climb on boulders, and he’s even taken shots before the wedding of the guys on jet skis while he sat on a platoon boat! (I pretended I wasn’t jealous.) It’s only large man-eating snakes that might make him break out the high-powered long lens and shoot from a distance.

We’re always up for any adventure or idea we can conjure up for any shoot we do for you. (As long as death isn’t involved)

If there are any travel fees or any extra Canvases or Wedding Albums you'd like (that don't already come with your package), we'll put it in the contract. We don't believe in hidden fees or extra costs that are added without your knowledge.

By the time we finish the contract, you'll have every question answered and I’ll probably have talked you to death by asking you all the details of your wedding if we do it in person!

Yes, we do have backup equipment and insurance. If one camera goes down, we’ll have another in our hands in 3.5 seconds.


Why is there so much stuff in our Wedding Collections, you ask?

It’s because I’m selfish. Yes, I admit it

Not only did I design every Collection after what I'd personally want from a photographer, but I don't even like people touching our wedding album, so that’s why I also leave the option to give save the “Special” one for yourself and give the ones included in the package away! You even have the option to give your new in-laws the small book (but that’s only if you don’t like them! JOKE!)

Each one of your pictures are edited and high resolution, so you will have no problem blowing them up 16x20. Did I mention you get a copyright release loaded right onto your USB, so you’ll be able to print them wherever and however you like, but also have the ability to upload the copyright release if you order online? Like I said, we’re here for you.

We also give you the option to have custom "Thank You Cards" or "Save The Date" cards including envelopes. You also give you a Custom Engraved USB containing your edited photos with a copyright release. We want to make sure you get all of your money's worth from us.

Once you meet us and we do your wedding, you’re family! So be expecting that “Southern Hospitality” to come out! Everything from us is the same quality that I use for my family. Each USB is engraved with your name and your Wedding Date and the Albums you get from us are made just as durable as the “Family Bible”.


Hmm…I can hear you thinking about why it takes so long to get your wedding photos back.

The wait can be so long to get your photos and here’s why: it takes about 4-6 weeks to get your photos back because we want to make sure you have a large number of photos for different reasons. You’ll have pictures that you’ll show everyone, the photos only you can see, and the photos you can use as future blackmail for your wedding guests!

Let’s not forget that before every important and stressful moment in life, that’s exactly when your body decides to make your face have the worst breakout in your life. I want your photos to look natural, but I'll take care of those blemishes, take out any hanging price tags from anyone in the photos that are planning to take their dress back to the store the next day,  remove that tattoo you got when you were 17 and your mom still doesn’t know about it, smooth out a few stretch marks, and get rid of that bug that crawled into your dress when you weren't looking. Unfortunately, I can’t take 50 pounds off, shave any parts of your body or switch the heads of people you decide you don’t like later.


So, you’re wondering how we dress when we’ll shoot your Wedding?

Well, we’ll always be professionally dressed (or as much as can be)! Because we have to leave an awesome impression (and we’re sliding all over the floor and walls like “photographer ninjas”), I’ll always be in black pants and the most professional tops that Amazon sells that allows me to look professional, but not sweat to the point of stinking or passing out in the heat. The guys will always be in slacks and a button-down shirt. Depending on the location of your wedding, the guys may be in khakis and a button-down shirt if we may be standing on hay bales, pushing farm animals out of the way, or moving furniture for you to sit on for that perfect shot.

If you would prefer a certain style of dress or color, just let us know beforehand and we'll be sure to dress as you'd like. No shorts or cut-offs please. (Especially on the guys!)


I can read your mind. It’s asking me “what happens if it’s bad weather?

Heaven forbid it rains on your engagement, bridal or photo shoot! If it does, we'll always reschedule. I'm usually stalking the forecast, so I’ll probably contact you first. If it rains on your Wedding Day (and we know that can't be moved), then we’ll do our best to get those pictures you want, but unfortunately, the camera won’t work if it gets wet and I can’t work if I get electrocuted in a Thunder Storm.

Yes, we’ve been asked to stand with large bath towels over our equipment during a Tornado. Unfortunately, we did have to refuse to do that as the emergency sirens went off and everyone ran to take shelter. As great of a photo it would have made of them kissing with the swirl of a deadly tornado behind them, it was the boulder size hail and sideways rain that helped us decline that option.  


So, I just Imagined you asking (all excited like!) How do I book you guys for my wedding?

Super Simple. Shoot us an email or text and we can set up an addictive Starbucks meeting! We’ll go over the things, while we treat you to some “weird” drink only you can pronounce and we’ll have the magic water that Starbucks offers. We think it has magic only because it costs half a kidney!

The deposit to reserve your day is $500 and the remaining balance is due 30 days before your wedding, so that’s one more thing checked off your list!


Why, you ask, is there a deposit?

Well, believe it or not, there are ladies out there who have planned an entire wedding, paid deposits, and the groom hasn't even proposed! Correct, he’s not even AWARE HE’S GETTING MARRIED!!

There is nothing wrong with planning ahead but both parties should know they're getting married right? Unfortunately, none of those weddings ever went through and we passed on Couples that were actually going to "tie the knot". I learned this in our early days of shooting weddings and ended up with a full yet empty calendar. (Me making a sad face) The deposit is not an extra charge. Its subtracted from the amount of your wedding photography package. No hidden fees from us! Where we’re from, we worked extra hard for everything we had, so if we want to know the total, we feel you do too!


If you ever need us, feel free to email, call, or text. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours or sooner!

If you do call after 5 pm, we’ll always try to answer the phone but I have to apologize in advance for the SpongeBob you might hear in the background. We’re pretty good at locking them out our office, so you may just hear “mom” or “dad” repeated 2 million times and “knocks” known better as “children banging” on the door!

I’m usually up editing at 2 am, so I’m breaking the habit of sending emails at what my mom called “stripper hours”. Don’t judge me!

If you ever happen to see us all out (more than likely on the way to go fishing if I have it my way) don't be afraid to say “Hi” or even yell "HEY YALL"! 

I promise I’ll say it “country loud” and wave like crazy! If I’m close enough, you’re getting a hug!


Vhanessa & Lee

(501) 618-0257 or (501) 618-0258




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